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Friday, October 25, 2013

Islam in Europe - Out now!

Islam in Europe: Public Spaces and Civic Networks
Spyros A. Sofos and Roza Tsagarousianou
Published by Palgrave Macmillan (October 2013)
ISBN 9781137357779

Islam in Europe delves into the daily routines of European Muslim communities in order to provide a better understanding of what it means to be a European Muslim today. Instead of positing particular definitions of being Muslim, this volume invites and encourages a diverse body of 735 informants from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK to reflect on who they are and on the meaning and place Islam has in such considerations. Drawing upon extensive fieldwork and suggesting novel ways of seeing the phenomenon of European Islam and the continent's Muslim communities, Islam in Europe examines how through their practices, discourses, face to face and mediated interaction, European Muslims construct notions or identity, agency, solidarity and belonging, or how they negotiate and redefine religion, tradition, authority and cultural authenticity. Theoretically and methodologically innovative, Islam in Europe makes a significant contribution to better understanding European Islam and Europe's Muslims.

Contents: Introduction - Chapter 1. Muslims in Europe: balancing between belonging and exclusion - An overview - Clashing timeless monoliths? - The construction of European Muslims - Chapter 2. Islam in Europe: a genealogy – Geographies – Trajectories - Imagining Islam and Muslims - Towards the twentieth century - From Islam and Europe to Islam in Europe - Making sense of the presence of Islam in Europe: Muslim perspectives - Chapter 3. Who are the European Muslims? - Conceptual issues – Perspectives - Counting and naming - A way forward? - Methodological remarks - Chapter 4. Space, Place and Social Action: European Muslim Geographies - The construction of locality - The production of translocality - Translocal and transnational phenomenological geographies- Chapter 5. The politics of contestation and the construction of injustice frames - From connectivity to consciousness - Articulating and sharing grievances - Injustice, identity and agency: Muslim charities, Jihadi websites and their audiences - Chapter 6. Spaces of agency and identity and the reconfiguration of Islam - From injustice to identity and agency - Veils, fashion, agony aunts and finding Mr Right: reconfiguring Islam - Who does Allah listen to? - The quest for authenticity and the idiom of ‘choice’ - Chapter 7. Is there a Space for European Muslims?

Praise for the volume:In this volume the authors take us beyond analysis of society and politics. Their focus is the complex and tense field of the conceptual: in what ways are Muslims in Europe European Muslims; what do events and related discourses do to affect the formation of European Muslim identities? A valuable pointer to future lines of research.
Jørgen S. Nielsen, Danish National Research Foundation Professor, 
Center for European Islamic Thought, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The authors:
Spyros A. Sofos is Research Fellow at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University, Sweden. His publications include Nation and Identity in Contemporary Europe and Tormented by History: Nationalism in Greece and Turkey. He is co-editor with Umut Özkırımli of the Islam and Nationalism series published with Palgrave.

Roza Tsagarousianou is Reader in Mass Media and Communication at the University of Westminster, UK. She is convenor of the Diaspora and the Media working group of the International Association for Media and Communication Research. She has co-edited Cyberdemocracy: Technology, Cities and Civic Networks and authored Diasporic Cultures and Globalization.

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